Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vacation time!

okay, so technically I have 2 more days before I go on vacation to see my friend stephanie out in texas, but it's better than a week, right? The last time I wrote was awhile ago, and alot has happened. We decided to get a new car, and we sold my old one-praise God. Beth will like the fact that I went with the Civic. I really do love it, it's so much fun to drive, and I can already tell it will last a loooooong time. Now as to this "using my car for a dump truck" thing dad, I strongly disagree. If you call the 2 magazines, and my BIBLE trash,, hahaha..... anyway- no I'm keeping it really nice. You'll see.

I mentioned above that I'm going to see my best friend stephanie out in Texas on Thursday- will be gone for 5 whole days, and without Josh. He's going to Albany GA to see his Dad, and they're gonna do some golfing and fishing in florida. My trip sounds a whole lot more fun :) haha...anyway- so the only part I'm not looking forward to is the "flying alone" idea. Sure I've done it before, and I am 24 years old, so it's not that I can't handle it. It's just that, airplanes arn't my ideal thing. Kinda scary to me really. Not that it wouldn't be the same with Josh, or whoever else I know, they would be right there in the same boat with me, but at least I could grab their hand if I got scared, or things started to get bumpy. But since I won't really know the person I'll be sitting next to, it might not be such a great idea to suddenly scream in panic (yes, I've done it before), and reach for their hand. So, please pray that everything goes as it's supposed to, and I won't even know I'm thousands of feet in the air. Ahh,,, all of this to say, I am excited to see my friend, I just wish there was some way of forgoing the "traveling" part.

Well, sorry again I havent been keeping up with my blog, but when I come home at night from work, most of the time the last thing on my mind is being on the computer. I don't know why, it's almost like I have to be in the mood to type, and gather all my thoughts at one time. It's strange, but I will try and be better, because sometimes, I do have entertaining stories to tell. Sometimes.

So, I told you how me and my husband decided to purchase a new car. This was really a big deal for us, because before now, we have never had a car payment, also meaning, we really didn't have any debt. But, now... it's a whole new ballgame. Needless to say, all of that aside, I really LOVE LOVE LOVE my car. The "new car smell",, I'm telling you, they should find a way to bottle the stuff, it's great! Why is that anyway? Why is there a new car smell? Why doesn't it last the entire life of the car? I guess because unfortunatly, after a while, the newness wears off. For now, it's still really new, and I'm excited. What does it mean when "the newness wears off". To me, that means alot of things, especially with our relationship with God. You have to work on keeping your relationship with Him, new everyday. Do you want your relationship with Him to ever feel old? I think about that almost everyday, and I really want to keep it new and exciting. Just like our friendships, and our marriages. You can have an "old" friendship with someone, meaning that you've known them for forever and a day, but you have to work at keeping your friendship fun and exciting, and you have to nurture the relationship, or it won't grow into somthing beneficial for both people. Wow- maybe I should write a book,, I had no idea I was so smart,, just kidding! I think this does make sense, and I wonder what would happen if everyone who had a chance to read my blog applied it to their relationship with God, and others.

Anyways- my husband is getting jealous of the fact that I won't let him read this blog until I'm finished with it, so I guess that's my cue-

Have a Blessed Day*

Friday, May 2, 2008

Too Busy....

I have been so busy with my job, and doing things around the house, I haven't written in so long. But, here we go....
Today is Friday, :0) so at work, that means laundry day. Ahh... laundry. I'm debating whether or not to go in early so I can get it all done. I'm leaning towards the reagular 2:30 time. Thankfully they have a really nice laundry room, that's always a plus.

So, this past weekend, my dad, Josh and I, went to look at cars. It was really fun, and if I sell my car, I think I might get a brand new one.I don't want to be in a big hurry to do anything, b/c I still like my car, but it's not getting any newer if that makes sense. I'm thinking I like the 08' Honda Civic, but in September, the 09's come out. It's weird how car company's do that, why make so many models, if they're only going to make more? It's confusing,, and then what do they do with all the cars they don't sell? Can they really sell all of them? I have no idea, but I would imagine most of the time, they don't. Buying a car is like a game, especially dealing with the salesman..althought the one's we talked to were pretty nice. Not too pushy..I guess. We test drove a new Mazda 3, and then the Honda Civic. Guess which one my husband liked? The Mazda 3 of course. It was sporty, it went fast, it had a bigger engine....all of the above, it had plus more. I liked it, it was okay, the price was awesome. But, it just wasn't me. The Honda Civic was nice, it was simple. I like simple. :0), simple is good.

Anyway- we had a really good time though, and it was fun to get to spend some extra time with my dad. I think we gave him a minor heart attack though, driving in and out of the traffic. I think I'm a pretty good driver, never had a tickett, never had an accident. Josh is a good driver, he would really be a great nascar driver,,, needless to say he likes to driver defensivly, all the time. If I do get a new car, it will stay new for a long time..... as long as he keeps his lead foot off the gas pedal. hahah....

Well, I have to go and do somthing productive before I start my day-- TGIF

See ya' later-

* When you pray, rather let your heart be without words, than your words without heart*

Have a blessed day!