Friday, August 29, 2008

So, its been a reallly looong time since I've written anything, and believe me, I have heard, "Write something on your blog" from my dad way too many times, haha, so now I am. The reason for this blogland leave of absense is that I really haven't had much time or really a semblance of a life for the past 3 months, up until now. I was working 50 hour weeks, 10 hour days, that's right, all through the summer. Needless to say, it was a challenge, but I made it! My days consisted of work,entertaining kids, , driving 24 miles plus a day, home, sleep, repeat. What fun! I am glad to be off of that hectic schedule, and back into a more "relaxed" one. Overall, we did do some fun things, (Josh and I), but most of the time, my life revolved around the above. However I am not complaining, because I am thankful to have a decent job, and once again, some days were very entertaining! :0) We did get to take the kids to a Braves game, which was pretty fun, and hot! Luckily we were in the shade,,, maybe not our exact "seats", but we were still in the shade.

I had a week of vacation at the end of July, through the 3rd of August. I was really thankful for this week, I felt like I was free if only for a little while,, hehehe. We did go on vacation, we took a cruise, and it was lots of fun! The weather was perfect, and it was nice to get away and spend some time with Josh again, by ourselves. We went to Cozumel, Grand Caymen, and Jamaica. Cozumel was really neat, we just did some shopping there, and we also ate lunch at I guess you could call it a real life mexican restaurant. It was YUMMY. I don't know if I've ever had chips and salsa that great anywhere. As you can probably tell, I love mexican food, but that's a whole other story in itself. So.. more about our vacation. Cozumel was really nice, shopping was good, just bought a few little things, a pair of shell and real pearl earrings for like 6 bucks, I was proud of myself, what a bargain. Other stores were a little pushy for you to buy, but we tried to avoid that. When the cruise ships come in, that's their way of making money, it is a little sad. We also went to this beach called Paradise Beach. It was pretty neat I thought, we had to take a taxi, and that was a experience in itself let me tell you. I've been sheltered all my life, and this was my FIRST taxi ride. Really intresting. Anyway- so the beach was okay, it was pretty for the most part, and I was just happy to be on vacation, so I enjoyed the afternoon there. There was alot of sharp coral, so it wasn't the best beach for wading near the shore, you had to get out a little ways, but they did have floats, so that was helpful for me. We just swam there, basically.
Grand Caymen was after Cozumel, and this was our favorite place ever. We swam with the Stingrays and then we went to the beach. I don't think I've ever had this much fun in my life! The stingrays were so tame, they would swim around you, and bump into you like it was no big deal, and I was nervous at first, but it was really awesome. Some of them were absolutly HUGE! It was crazy, but they would let you pet them, and we could even feed them, too. With squid. See, this was a problem for me, because, I don't do squid. It's slimy, and nasty, so I fed them a couple peices and I was done with that. We just swam around underwater, and interacted with them some more, it was a really worthwhile experience. If you should ever go there, you have to do this! After the stingrays, (I was sad to leave, trust me I could have stayed there all day), they took us to the most beautiful beach Ive ever seen. It was called Rum Point beach. The water was this aquamarine, turqoise, emerald, every pretty blue green color you could name, that's what the water looked like, and it was crystal clear. The sand was pink. (favorite color), literally pink, it was gorgeous. We ate lunch there, and swam around and snorkeled. You could literally go out 150 yards into the water, and it was still like waist deep if that. It was almost like you were in a huge swimming pool. Kinda like destin, but without waves. It was awesome. We found some conch shells,too, but we had to leave those there. If you google Rum Point Beach, you can see some pictures of it, but even those won't do it justice. Sadly we didn't have our camera with us, because it wasn't ours (thank you again daddy), and we didn't want to risk it, although it would have been ok. We just didn't know, so we didn't get to take any pictures there.
Jamaica was our last stop. We have some friends that went on this exact same cruise for their honeymoon, and they were telling us that Jamaica was the worst part of the whole trip for them. I don't think it was the worst, but it was the most intresting. We decided that we wanted to see as much of Jamaica that we could while we were there, and as we were getting off the ship, random people were coming up to us, trying to get us to do a taxi tour with them. I didn't really have a comfortable feeling about this, especially with a guy taxi driver. So, we stopped at a few shops, and looked around. We went outside on this pier to look at the ocean, and this woman was below us with necklaces to sell. She saw us, and immediatly came crawling, (yes crawling) up the rocks to get to us. My first thought was, this poor lady, this is how she makes her money? But then, I changed my mind, she was trying to show us all of the necklaces she made, and then out of nowhere, these 2 other guys, selling the exact same necklaces started to make their way towards us too. Josh and I looked at each other, and said , allright, lets get out of here. Can we say zombies, anyone? That's exactly what it reminded me of, they all had this glazed over look on their faces, and needless to say, that was enough for me. Creepy.
Later, we did end up taking a taxi tour with a woman driver, and it was alot of fun. She took us to the rainforest, and we got to try some sugarcane and pineapple that was delicious. We also got to go to this really pretty place that had an amazing view of our ship, and the harbor area. Good picture spot, and yes we did have our camera with us this time. Yay! On our way back to the port area, we did get to go climb the Dunn's River Falls. We got some great pictures too. We had lots of fun that day. I learned that it pays to be a little adventurous from time to time. You just have to be careful, and use common sense. Overall though, we had a great vacation. I will post some pictures on here, and on Facebook too, so everyone can see them.

Well, it's Friday, Labor Day weekend. Me and Josh are moving in October, to a much nicer and cheaper place, so we are going to be painting this weekend. We're excited, and we'll be saving alot of money every month, so that's a plus, too. I have today through Monday off, and then going back to work on Tuesday. My mom and Dad are in Florida trying to stay away from the hurricane, and I think they're having a really great time. Imagine that, I'm really glad they went on vacation with each other, this time :0). Anywho, that's about all for now,, it won't be so long now until I can write again-
Have a blessed day- bye for now!


BethAnne said...

Hello, my name is Beth and I think we are related, but I cant remember.

Glad you finally posted something - now go to facebook and make me your friend!!! Love you!

Eddie said...

Well, It's about time. I thought you had lost your way back to your blog. Love you bunches anyway.

Eddie said...

It's time again!

Eddie said...

It's time again! Did you hear me,
It 's time again!

Eddie said...

Now is the time! time, time time time time.
Scripture says there is a time for everything and that means that now is the time for posting a blog.