Monday, April 14, 2008


Hello there all-

Today is the begining of a new week for me, once again. Last week was a pretty long one, I worked 10 hour days, but I had a good time. My summer schedule will be like this past week, so I will have to get used to it all over again. Oh well, I plan on having a set routine for the kids anyway, so it will be ok.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a very restful one for me and my husband. I like those types of weekends, you know the kinds where you don't have ANYTHING remotely planned, so you can just do whatever you want. Yep, those would be my favorite. Those don't happen very often for us, but when they do, we enjoy them. Is anyone else like this? I'm sure there are others who enjoy weekends like this past one for us,,, so that was a dumb question.

My husband has been pondering what he will do after he graduates college in 2 years time. He's narrowed it down to 3 ideas. Game Warden, "somewhere" in the state of GA, working for the GBI-Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and finally an Officer in the Marine Corps. He has plenty of time to think and make up his mind,,,, and 2 years is plenty of time for me to make up his mind for him, against any of these choices. hahahha,,, only kidding. I guess all three are pretty good options. Maybe,, we will keep you posted.

I have been doing a Bible study with several of my girlfriends in my Sunday School class, and I'm really learning alot, and enjoying it also. I thought I might add a few of the things I've been learning so all of you who read my blog, might be able to get somthing out of it as well. So, here we go.....
God is working ALWAYS for your good:
* When you received Jesus, God started a good work in you. He is commited to your growth, and He will never give up on you.*
* God is in front of you and behind you. He knows how you felt about yesturday; how you are feeling about today, and what will happen to you tomorow.*
~These are really simple statements, but they mean so much, and they are so true! I've always known that God is always with me, but when I read these statements and really thought about them, it blew me away that God REALLY is with me through every single day of my life, He goes in front of me, and knows everything that I'm going to do, and dealing with every second of every day. But, it's not just me! He does this with all of His children, how awesome!

And then the last one is really great too, and it makes you think about how much God really does have our best intrest in mind-and what if this is true?
* If God one day allows us to look back to our time on earth and see what really went on around us, we'll realize we were unaware of the hundreds of ways in which He blessed us and protected us. Only then will we fully know the depth of His love, concern, and care for us!*

Okay, go and think about that for a while, and let me know what you think. Hope you have a blessed day!

Ya'll come back now, ya' hear? :)


Eddie said...

OK OK OK, that was very good. I like hearing about the things that you are learning. I really like that part about being able to look back in the past and really see where God was blessing even when we didn't know He was blessing. Many times we just take for granted that all things happen because God made them happen. Not so! Nothing never happens that God doesn't allow to happen, but He does not always make them happen if that makes sense. Nothing happens to God's children that is not first sifted through God's hands. However some things happens and God didn't desire it to happen, but because of our unwillingness to obey, He allows it to happen to teach us obedience. I love you young lady and I'm very proud of you and your sisters. Dad

BethAnne said...

Tell Josh that he can cross that last one off the list (Marine). Game warden sounds pretty safe.

What is the name of the study you are doing?

Shelley said...

I love that you are loving God's word! :-)